Fire Of Sumatra- C.R.Ramana Kailash

Fire Of Sumatra - C.R.Ramana Kailash


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The author should be familiar with conservation issues and also wield an imaginative pen to write this form of a novel. This work of Ramana Kailash,  clearly establishes that the young author has both these qualities.   He displays his familiarity with animal behaviour as he weaves this enchanting story. At one context he writes “Tigers are Solitary, not lonely” Add to this a passion for nature and you have the ingredients of a promising writer. He writes with a light but assured style. In the opening chapter itself, he holds our attention. I am sure this work will strike a chord with wildlife all over and that this is only a beginning for Ramana. 
S.Theodore Baskaran                                                           
Former Trustee WWF-India.