Mid-Air Mishaps-pattukkottai prabakar

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Mid-Air Mishaps-pattukkottai prabakar

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Author              : Pattukkottai Prabhakar
Publisher        : Zero Degree Publishing
No. of pages : 264

Other Specifications

Translator        : B. Lavanya                                        ISBN        : 9788193635506
Category          : Novel                                   Published on      : 2018 
Subject              : Crime / Thriller                  Book Format      : paperback
Language         : English
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A terrorist group is out to eliminate a pilot, a brigadier and a deserter who turned the tables on them during a hijacking a few years ago. Connections, histories, and secrets surface when a filmmaking duo looking to make their commercial debut start probing into the hijacking story. At the same time, a copilot gets embroiled in trouble with a gangland and the Malaysian police after incurring the wrath of his lover’s father.

Can this whole cast outwit the people who are after their blood?


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